Montažstroj is a unique Croatian art collective engaged in various art disciplines combining them with media culture in a socially responsible way. The collective celebrated its 25th anniversary with a new art project, a theatre performance entitled “Where's the revolution, scum?” The title itself is inspired by a cult graffiti written on the wall in Zagreb. For this quarter of a century anniversary Montažstroj gives to its audience the mobile application REVOL - an additional media content of the performance.



● Register with your Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus account. 

● Take a picture in landscape mode while simultaneously applying the graffiti on that picture.

● Choose between red, black or white graffiti

● Choose your graffiti in one of these languages – Albanian, Croatian, English, French, German, Italian, Macedonian, Russian, Serbian, Slovenian, Spanish.

● Scale the graffiti to the appropriate size and place it at the exact position within the picture.

● Personalize your graffiti with an additional 140 characters caption. 

● Publish your picture and share it on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus.

● Because your geo location has to be turned on, people around the globe will know where your graffiti was taken.

● Check the gallery of the latest graffiti taken with the app, your own gallery or a gallery with graffiti near you.  

● Visit application’s web page to see all the graffiti made with the app.




– Since the formation in 1989 Montažstroj is determined in its mission of creating socially responsible art for the community in which it is formed. The production of this art collective is based on contemporary theatre, dance, music, film, media and other art disciplines.

– Aside from the success realized on domestic stages, streets and TV screens, Montažstroj is competitive on an international level. In its career, it noted multiple European and American tours, making it one of the few independent artistic groups achieving an extraordinary promotion of Croatian culture and art. Montažstroj’s performances achieved a strong media impact, being reported on leading global media houses Reuters, CNN, France Press, Al Jazeera, MTV…

– The slogan “Where’s the revolution scum?” is a famous graffiti from Zagreb which appeared on the wall of student dorm Stjepan Radić during the 90ies. The slogan “Where’s the revolution scum?” is a public good, an intervention made by an anonymous artist which became a valuable piece of art. 

– REVOL mobile application is an addition media content of the “Where’s the revolution, scum?” performance, a gift for the audience accessible on multiple languages, understandable for everyone regardless the location of performance.