Due to high interest, the call for submissions remains open until further notice!

On Friday, February 22 of this year, PDV will release a unique compilation of music as part of the interdisciplinary project #youthwithoutgod. 

The compilation will be released in digital form on the specified date on the website of the PDV Records label – and soon after on all other digital platforms.

At the end of last year, MONTAЖ$TROJ, the Zagreb Youth Theatre, PDV Records and Ravno do dna sent out an open call to music authors, inviting them to make an original track titled “Youth Without God” and participate in a socially engaged cultural project.

As initiators of this music project, we are thrilled that the materials were made and sent to us in a very short period of time, namely just under 2 months from the call for submissions, including the holidays. 

We remind you that the name of the track can also be in the musician’s mother tongue or their own artistic language, e.g. “Jugend ohne Gott,” “Omladina bez Boga,” “Mladina brez Boga,” “МладинабезБог,” etc.

A jury consisting of experts from PDV, Ravno do dna and MONTAЖ$TROJ has chosen nine original tracks to be featured on the compilation. 

They are signed by the following artists, in alphabetical order:  DamXata, Hrvoje Štefanac, Izet Medošević, Marinada & Kozmodrum, Playground Hustle, Sinkauz, Xtematic.

The compilation will be released in February, two days after the opening night of the performance of the same name as a segment of the interdisciplinary cultural project #youthwithoutgod.

The interdisciplinary project also included a panel discussion titled “Youth Without God / Mapping of Radicalization” that opened up space for a discussion on whether we truly live in an age of radicalizations. The panel discussion and the music compilation “Youth Without God – Volume 1” are projects happening in parallel as part of the preparations for the development of the theatrical performance YOUTH WITHOUT GOD by Borut Šeparocić, co-produced by the Zagreb Youth Theatre and MONTAЖ$TROJ, which will premiere on February 20, 2019.

Considering the specificity of such a project, which introduces new dimensions of creativity, we decided to extend the call for submissions and leave it open until further notice – hoping and anticipating the possibility that new music material, which could further enrich and upgrade the story, could arrive while the performance is on. 

We still invite musicians to join and participate as we are predicting a release of a sequel compilation, “Youth Without God – Volume 2,” in the second part of the year.

What riff does the youth without God play? What beat does the youth without God rap to? What bpm does the youth without God dance to – you are about to hear it.