MONTAЖ$TROJ’s documentary CONSUMED had its premiere in February 2014 as a parto f the 10th edition of ZagrebDox. So far the documentary won two Best film awards. The first screening in Bosina and Herzegovina is happening this August at the 16th Mediterranean Film Festival in Široki Brijeg.

The film is about people over the age of 55. It shows their partaking in an audition and in the process of making a theatre performance and a documentary. They are challenged to tell about the most important minute in their life in as many seconds as their age. They talk about life and death, happiness and pain in a brutally honest way. CONSUMED records the process in which the protagonists become more than just randomly gathered individuals: as a collective, they have to deal with decades of their own silence and to take the responsibility for the world in ruins they are leaving to the new generations.

Mediterranean Film Festival is the oldest documentary film festival in the region and this year the festival received entries from 22 Mediterranean countries. The competition program will include 17 documentaries and CONSUMED will have their screening at Široki Brijeg on August 28th at 11 P.M.