This is what the Youth Without God sounds like! The compilation is free.

After a successful panel discussion titled “Youth Without God / Mapping of Radicalizations” that took place on February 1 and the premiere of the theatrical performance YOUTH WITHOUT GOD held on the stage of the Zagreb Youth Theatre on February 22, we are proud that a unique music compilation Youth Without God (PDV041) was released in digital form as part of the interdisciplinary cultural project #youthwithoutgod.

The material features nine tracks by stylistically diverse artists ranging from electronic music, post-punk, experimental rap and alternative jazz to ambiental and drone instrumentals.

At the end of last year, MONTAЖ$TROJ, the Zagreb Youth Theatre, PDV and Ravno do dna published a call for submissions inviting musicians to compose an original track called “Youth Without God” and with it participate in a socially engaged cultural project.

We remind you that the name of the track can also be in the musician’s mother tongue or their own artistic language, e.g. “Jugend ohne Gott,” “Omladina bez Boga,” “Mladina brez Boga,” “МладинабезБог,” etc.

A jury consisting of experts from PDV, Ravno do dna and MONTAЖ$TROJ have chosen nine original compositions to be featured on the compilation. They are signed by the following artists, in alphabetical order: BigahyeFetaGloomie feat. DamXataHrvoje ŠtefanacIzet MedoševićMarinada & KozmodrumPlayground HustleSinkauzXtematic.



An experimental project from Skopje (Macedonia). It was founded by Vasko Kostovski, Damjan Gjorgijev and Hristijan Pop-Simonov. Their sound is based in elements of storytelling and an eclectic approach that combines different (sub)genres of music including prog rock, down-beat, psych, funk, etc.


A producer from Komiža based in Split. Raised on funk, he has long been an integral part of the Split dance scene. Feta and DJ Lushi have been managing Split’s first digital label Acilectro for over a decade. Besides in-house, he releases music with Family Grooves, a Trogir-based record label. Once an active proponent of the electronic music scene on the radio, he is now solely focused on producing and reproducing electronic music.

Gloomie feat. DamXata 

The alter ego of the instrumentalist, vocalist and producer of several established Macedonian bands and artists. Gloomie is currently active as an electronic artist, producer and studio owner (Knobs Keys ‘n Stuff). Damjan Kostovski a.k.a. DamXata is a guitarist and a former member of the Madeconian punk-rock band Beda Xpress. He currently works as a theater director with his professional career in music on pause, which does not stop him from jamming with friends from time to time.

Hrvoje Štefanac

Involved in music since childhood with experience in production gathered in the past year under the pseudonym Wake Forld. His musical expression takes the cue from broken beat based in industrial with an emphasis on a wide range of different sounds.

Iz@ Medošević (Izet Medošević)

Musician, poet and punk philosopher from Rijeka. He has published two books of poetry and released an album called “Granulo je sunce” in 2016 (Dallas Records). He has been performing and recording with his rhythm section “Borgie” since 2017. They have announced their next album “Opera u Sydneyu” for the spring of 2019.

NT Wave

He combined two songs for the project, “Nasilju je kraj” by Marinada and “R. Daneel Olivaw” by Kozmodrum. “I strated humming Nasilju je kraj, and Kozmodrum was playing in the background. A couple of months later, it all fit together. I think of Marinada as a new religion and Konzmodrum as the apostoles. The call for the compilation ‘Youth Without God’ arrived” – explained NT Wave, the world’s only techno guitarist and the producer of this mashup.

Playground Hustle

A duo from Zagreb that combines dark electronic music and experimental rap. Producer Ivona Eterović (Tonota) and vocalist/lyricist Marija Magdalena Slović (Megi) create music that brazenly flirts with experimental bas has its roots in the kind of music that can reach everyone. They have been active since 2016.

Alen Sinkauz i Nenad Sinkauz

For some twenty years, they have existed at the intersection of music/sound and performing arts, film and the field of audiovisual performance and improvised music. They have published three albums with the band East Rodeo. Since 2010, they have been directing the international festival of experimental and improvised music Audioart in Pula. They won the Golden Arena Award for music in 2017 and 2018. They live and work in Zagreb.


Marko Jović’s main project created at the beginning of 2011. Marko’s work isn’t tied to a specific theme but aims to convey different states of mind and experiences through sound (and other media). He has released his work with various record labels and on different media including CDs, cassettes, vynils, digital editions and floppy disks.