We invite you to a Tour of the University Hospital in Zagreb with the art collective Montažstroj.

Event: TOUR

Organizer: Art collective Montažstroj

Date and Time: Saturday 18 / Sunday 19 November 2023 | 10:45 am

Location: University Hospital in Zagreb, Jadranska avenija bb, Zagreb. Meeting point at the barracks.

Event Description:

“TOUR” takes visitors on a journey through the timeline of the unfinished hospital, a monumental building covering 222,000 square meters. Under expert guidance from Borut Šeparović, visitors literally step into the “mud” of the unfinished building’s complex history, inextricably linked to the transition period. This tour is not only a walk through a time capsule, but also a reflection on the transition period, on changes and unfinished dreams. This is by no means an ordinary tour; it is an educational and emotional experience that combines art, testimonies and archival material. As visitors move through the vast spaces, they meet witnesses of the past, from engineers to citizens who funded the construction through voluntary contributions, learn about the challenges of its construction, about unrealized visions and the complex social dynamics of the time. The tour ends on the roof of the hospital that offers a spectacular view of Zagreb, encouraging reflection on the past visions and future possibilities of this impressive building.

You can apply individually using your full first and last name until 11:59 pm on 16 November 2023. Please choose a date (18 or 19 November 2023) and apply no later than this deadline. Apply at:

To enter the building, you need a declaration of entry at your own risk. At the start of the tour, each participant signs a declaration of entry at their own risk. Please use your full name and address with your application for the purpose of preparing the declaration.

The number of participants is limited to 25 persons per performance. The list closes as soon as all spots are filled. We recommend that you apply as soon as possible. In case of exceeding the number of available spots, we will form a waiting list. If a participant cancels, we will contact those on the waiting list in order of application.

Please wear warm and comfortable clothing given the possibility of cold and rainy conditions. We recommend sturdy, waterproof footwear. The event will take place even in case of rain, so bring umbrellas or raincoats if necessary. We also recommend carrying a bottle of water and a flashlight or a phone with a flashlight function.

For safety reasons, it is important to follow the guide’s instructions and not to separate from the group during the tour of the unfinished building.

All participants will be offered lunch at the event. To ensure that everyone enjoys a meal adapted to their dietary needs, please indicate any specific dietary preferences in the application, whether you are vegetarian, vegan, have allergies or follow specific diets. 

Our approach is PWYW (Pay What You Want). After the tour, you can donate the amount you deem appropriate on the basis of your experience.

Contact for additional questions or queries.