Miljenko Bengez has left us on February 9, 2021. An artist with whom we have traversed literally thousands of kilometers on a common path of creation, working together on some of our most significant projects in a period spanning over 30 years of our collective’s activity.

We remember him as one of the best lighting designers in Croatia and as a key creative collaborator on numerous MONTAЖ$TROJ’s projects. Among them, MY HEART BEATS FOR HER (2010), 55+ (2012), LMWCL (2014) and WHERE’S THE REVOLUTION, SCUM? (2014) stand out with their visibility and mobility. Miljenko illuminated all of these projects and infused them with his wondrous, cheerful spirit.

Miljenko Bengez was born in 1972 in Zagreb, where he completed elementary music education and graduated from the school of electrical engineering. He started working in theatre in 1988 as a dancer in the Komedija Theatre dance ensemble and began working on lighting in the same theatre in 1993. He had been working in &TD Theatre as the lighting designer since 1995. The biography of his work encompasses more than eighty lighting designs for theatrical performances, twelve concerts and eighteen art exhibitions.