MONTAЖSTROJ WEB 3.0 is a digital update of MONTAЖSTROJ’s artistic activity which brings numerous improvements in functionality and content.

MONTAЖSTROJ WEB 3.0 is the result of redesigning, adjusting, and optimizing the archive of our artistic projects developed during the past 31 years of our work. We updated the website with new functionalities and content to turn it into a platform fit for artistic activity in pandemic times.

The biggest novelty is the website’s optimization, i.e. its responsive design that automatically adjusts the layout of the content to fit the screen size of a phone or tablet. The user interface has been designed according to the latest trends. The redesigned menu and the integrated search option make it easier to access information about MONTAЖSTROJ’s current and past projects.

Besides information on emerging projects, MONTAЖSTROJ WEB 3.0 contains a high-resolution, refreshed, and updated digital archive of over 70 projects developed in the course of more than 30 years of MONTAЖSTROJ’s activity.

RELATED CONTENT has also been added, a new functionality that allows for contextual interconnections between different types of content and projects.

A new content category called NOTES replaces and supplements our blog (, offering additional insight into the processes behind our projects. It lets the user of the website access materials created in the process of artistic exploration, public debates, workshops, and experiments.

In addition to Croatian, the redesigned website is also available in English.

The website’s digital upgrade was realized with the help of the program “Support for audience development by the Kultura Nova Foundation”.

(Except on the updated website, you can follow MONTAЖSTROJ on our Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram profiles, and Vimeo and YouTube channels.)