As part of their summer tour, MONTAЖ$TROJ will perform with WHERE’S THE REVOLUTION, SCUM? at the International Festival of Contemporary Theatre Zadar Snova.

The performance deals with contemporary commodification of the social rebellion brought by the music album “Package deal” and Yugoslav new wave of the 80ies. So far, the performance received standing ovations in Belgrade, Subotica, Zagreb, Rijeka, Split and Ljubljana.

Since 1997 Zadar Snova is presenting the achievements of Croatian and international contemporary performing arts. MONTAЖ$TROJ art collective performed at the festival in 1999 with the performance FRAGILE. After more than 15 years, MONTAЖ$TROJ will meet again the audience in a performance which is a combination of electronic music and frenetic dance and which leaves no indifference.

WHERE IS REVOLUTION, SCUM? will perform at Zadar Snova on August 7, 2015 at the Croatian National Theatre Zadar.