The multimedia event LOVE & ECONOMY is coming to Rijeka.

After its premiere in Zagreb, the multimedia event LOVE & ECONOMY is coming to Rijeka. Visit Art-kino on September 27, 2017 at 8 pm to not only enjoy a cultural experience but also contribute to a humanitarian cause.

LOVE & ECONOMY is a part of a larger project by MONTAЖ$TROJ, one that engages with the protection of women’s reproductive and working rights. The aim of the project is to point to the socio-economic conditionality of abortion in our society and warn that restrictions on the right to abortion will most severely affect socially vulnerable women and families in Croatia. LOVE & ECONOMY is a documentary performance, a public discussion and a benefit.

Ahead of the new law on abortion that will be passed in Croatia in the next two years, we want to ask: Can we find space for dialogue and mutual understanding in this seemingly polarizing topic?

Lidija Matošević, assistant professor of theology and mother of four, and Dalida Rittossa, assistant professor at the Faculty of Law in Rijeka, will participate in the discussion. The conversation will be moderated by Zoran Grozdanov, Doctor of Philosophy and president of the Center for Cultural Dialogue, whose work helps to establish a dialogue between the secular and the religious. The audience is invited to actively participate in the discussion.

All ticket revenues will go to the program “My Place Under the Sun” developed by the Center for Cultural Dialogue and Association Šarolija. “My Place Under the Sun” is a support program for socially disadvantaged children that will secure a stimulating environment in which they can develop socialization, other skills and knowledge through free activities that their parents cannot provide. By coming to the LOVE & ECONOMY event, you will, at least symbolically, contribute to the prevention of social exclusion of children from vulnerable families.

Tickets are available at the price of 30 kuna at or the Art-kino box office.