For a whole quarter of a century MONTAЖ$TROJ art collective is pointing out the burning issues of our everyday life. The celebration of 25th anniversary of persistent work we will conclude with a premiere of our new project WHERE’S THE REVOLUTION, SCUM?

The performance deals with contemporary commodification of the social rebellion brought by the music album “Package deal” and Yugoslav new wave of the 80ies.

It is a play about a video of the performance LMWCL (acronym) –banned over accusations of copyright violation. On the digital remains of the past performance we deal with the belief that pop music can contribute social change.
The world premiere took place at Belgrade International Theatre Festival where the performance was awarded by the festival jury.

Croatian premiere of the WHERE’S THE REVOLUTION. SCUM? performance will take place in Zagreb youth theatre on January 15, and after the premiere, on January 16 and January 17, 2015.