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What personal information we collect and for what purpose

This site does not collect any personal information through web forms or comments.


This site uses cookies. These cookies store the data necessary for the smooth operation of the page and contain information on the selection of the language variant of the page (hr or en). Because we use traffic tracking statistics, cookies are also left on the computer that these statistics tracking systems need to run smoothly.

These pages use Google Analytics and statistics, and when you visit the site we collect anonymized data that you have viewed the pages. The data collected for the purpose of collecting statistics of visits includes your IP address, browser and operating system that you use when visiting our site, as well as demographic data such as gender and dobgeographic data (country, region, place).

Content embedded from other sites

Content on this site may include embedded content from other sites (for example, videos from or This embedded content behaves as if you visited the original site and accessed that embedded content on it. This means that this content can collect statistics and set cookies outside this site.

Who do we share your information with?

We share the collected statistics only with the services used to collect them on the site, Google Analytics and The collected data will not be sold or shared with other organizations for the purpose of promotion or sale.

Privacy Policy

We are unable to delete data collected for the purpose of pageview statistics collected through Google Analytics and statistics.