Since none of the authorities took responsibility for the dilapidated condition of Badel, the visitors did it themselves: they entered the space and participated in the activity at their own responsibility.

Badel’s abandoned distillery, in which MONTAЖ$TROJ performed its first full-length play FIRE-TECHNICS, became the scene for the third announcement action of the play FIRE-TECHNICS 2.0 on September 30th, 2010. Badel’s abandoned distillery, a representative example of Zagreb’s industrial architecture, has been left to decay for twenty years and still exist as a reminder of poor management of city resources. In the dusty, dilapidated space, the members of MONTAЖ$TROJ along with the audience watched the daily news show of the Croatian Radio Television at the beginning of the performance. After that, there was a performance of the final scene from the play FIRE-TECHNICS from 1990. The long-lasting repetitive walk ends with a nauseating wailing of hand sirens used for air-raids. B.D.L.2.0. is a performance about oblivion, a dedication to a space in which it was impossible to reconstruct the full-length version of FIRE-TECHNICS due to the utterly decaying condition of this "protected" cultural monument.


Concept and direction: Borut Šeparović / Dramaturgy: Goran Ferčec / Text: Goran Ferčec, Borut Šeparović / Trainer and stage movement advisor: Nataša Mihoci / Performers: Matija Čigir, Filip Jurković, Svebor Kamenski Baćun, Aldin Kasumović, Andrej Kopčok, Nikola Nedić / Photography: Damir Žižić / Social network management: Anda Bukvić / Public relations: Dinka Bujas and Lana Klingor / Coordination and production leadership: Iva Milley / Project financed by: City Office for Culture, Education and Sports, Zagreb / Project supported by: Perković, voćne rakije i likeri / Media coverage: Radio 101 / Production: MONTAЖ$TROJ, Zagreb Youth Theater, Performance Arts Week Perforacije, Operacija: Grad