What cannot be talked about must be silent about.

The fragility of images and words and the concept of language as a medium for actualization of knowledge and power, or as the cause of loneliness were the subject of the second work-in-progress version of MONTAЖ$TROJ’s project FRAGILE.

Unlike MOBILE SECTIONS that was based on dance material, CONVERTIBLE SECTIONS relies on the spoken word. The international performing ensemble with a background of their own national identities, languages and cultures, distinctly marks the issue that is constructed itself around the question of transforming identities, being assimilated into other cultures and the fragility of one’s own personality. CONVERTIBLE SECTIONS was presented in Rotterdam as a coproduction of various international theaters and organizations.


Direction: Borut Šeparović and Tamara Huilmand / Dramaturgy and theoretical support: Goran Sergej Pristaš / Assistant: Damir Klemenić / Performers: Guttorm Andersen, Irma Baatje, Gordan Bosanac, Fabian Galama, Peter Kho Sien Kie, Damir Klemenić, Regina Magnus / Music: Hrvoje Crnić Boxer / Production: MONTAЖ$TROJ, St. Zuil Van Volta (Breda, NL)