Attack is the best defence. Say YO for Croatia. Say NO for the war.

In the war touched fall of 1991, MONTAЖ$TROJ put itself unreservedly in the service of its country. This resulted in the top-quality patriotic art in the form of a music video. CROATIA IN FLAME is an open reaction to a threatening social situation in which a group of young artists uses the media to contribute to the international recognition of its country.

Filmed on the foreboding and humidity-ridden premises of the Grič shelter during air-raids in Zagreb and the entire Croatia, the video was made in cooperation with the director Ivan Roca and the musician HC Boxer, in the production of Croatian Radio Television. Produced in line with all the criteria of the Western European art market, it very quickly pushed to the top of the national music charts, and also became the first Croatian music video aired by MTV.

CROATIA IN FLAME is a special media project whose function was as much local as it was global: the national audience was easily identified with the video, proud of the innovation and the quality of their fellow countrymen’s artistic vision, while Croatia was presented as an urban and culturally developed country to the international audience with this video. CROATIA IN FLAME is significantly different from any similar music videos that appeared at the time, and is also MONTAЖ$TROJ’s most popular and well-known work in the general public.


Concept: Ivan Roca, Borut Šeparović / Direction: Ivan Roca / Text and choreography: Borut Šeparović / Performers: Gordan Bosanac, Srećko Borse, Damir Klemenić, Siniša Pahić / Music: Hrvoje Crnić Boxer / Costume design: Marina Štembergar / Cameramen: Dražen Petrač, Mile Tapavički, Vladimir Drnašin / Executive producer: Zoran Hudak / Production: Croatian Radio Television