Minute after Minute – a Meter Away – Here and Now – You and Me – Alike Different – Never Same.

DUET was the first production of the group Performingunit that MONTAЖ$TROJ collaborated with during its activity in the Netherlands. It was, for the most part, based on live improvisation in front of an audience, which meant that each performance brought something new and accented the moment of surprise among the performers themselves. The starting point for the play was the relationship between man and women, their simultaneous existence as "me" and "you" as well as "we".

The physical material of the play originated from the principle of simplicity, as a mix of educated and intuitive dance languages. The play blurred over and simultaneously pointed to the limits between the improvised and choreographed material. Two performers attempted to stay at a one meter distance from each other, limiting each stage action to a subjective feeling of one minute passing. Two bodies, next to each other, attempting to be together opened a number of emotional and romantic associations. The play consisted of a larger number of short fragments linked to a certain musical number. In each performance the sequence of the music numbers changed as dictated by the "random play" function. The performers’ skill in quick reaction to a hitherto unknown structure of the play was intertwined with a competitive relationship of the two performers. The permanent sound background consisted of the performers’ breathing amplified by microphone, which uncovered the effects of the dance on their bodies.


Directing and choreography: Borut Šeparović / Assistant: Damir Klemenić / Trainer: Irma Baatje / Advice: Ivana Sajko, Goran Sergej Pristaš, Machin_ a / Performers: Irma Baatje, Damir Klemenić / Lighting design: Joost Borsten / Graphic design: Machin_a / Photography: Emile Waagenaar / Executive producer: Tamara Huilmand / Assistant producer: Pauline Koehorst / Project supported by: City of Zagreb, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia, City of Breda (NL), Chasse theater (Breda, NL) / Sponsors: Lensvelt b.v. Breda, Invito, Coiffure renaissance Breda / Production: MONTAЖ$TROJ, St. Performingunit (Breda, NL)