A healthy person has a thousand wishes, a sick person has only one!


ENCOUNTERS – MONTAЖ$TROJ’s 2019 project utilizes the story of the construction of the University Hospital in Blato, Zagreb, to reveal the consequences of neoliberal politics and confront us with the reality of health becoming a privilege of those who can afford it. This premise was examined with the citizens of Zagreb who, for more than a decade in the late 1980s and early 1990s, had been allocating a certain amount from their income for a voluntary tax for a hospital that has never been finished.

Those citizens are today’s elderly. ENCOUNTERS started in Zagreb’s nursing homes “Sv. Ana,” “Trešnjevka” and “Centar.” A table with a floor plan of the hospital was designed for the occasion and equipped with banners with slogans and roll-up advertisements evoking propaganda materials for the collection of the first and second voluntary taxes of the ‘80s.

Residents of Novi Zagreb were interviewed in front of the Health Center Siget and Utrina Market. A market stand was rented from Zagreb Markets, equipped with banners and roll-up advertisements in the manner of stands used to collect signatures for referendum initiatives. A “book of solidarity” was printed and signed by the citizens to affirm that they would agree to another – a third voluntary tax, in order to see the hospital completed.

The artistic action ENCOUNTERS sheds light on the blind spots of public health in Croatia, causing an eruption of dissatisfaction that has been smoldering for years in the consciousness of an entire generation. The work on the project once again focused on the valuable architectural facility on the city’s outskirts and the possibilities of its future use.


Author: Borut Šeparović / Video & Multimedia: MONTAЖ$TROJ / Assistant director: Svebor Kamenski-Baćun / Participants: Ahmed Mustabašić, Ana Krsnik, Ankica Šoštarić, Antun Tončić, Borivoje Spasić, Božica Sekulić, Dean Kapetanović, Dragan Kaksa, Dragana Kušek, Dragutin Ferković, Franjo Jambrešić, Ivan Čačić, Ivan Mlinarić, Ivan Šoldra, Ivan Tonković, Ivanka Domeš, Ivanka Rajković, Jasenka Dumić, Jerko Andabaka, Josip Sonjarić, Josip Strbad, Joso Krpan, Jovanka Mihalji, Jozefina Mešić, Katarina Krvavica, Katica Čadež, Katica Gjenero, Krešimir Neralić, Ljiljana Kos, Ljuba Nikoliš, Ljubica Pahljina, Ljubomir Škurić, Luka Štilinović, Marica Dorotić, Marija Bebek, Marija Kudalić, Marija Poljak, Mato Kokanović, Mihajlo Šurić, Milena Adamović, Milka Ganza, Mira Kazensky, Mirjana Mlinac, Mirjana Radaković, Nataša Fabečić, Pere Ćurić, Petar Ivanković, Rajka Benčić, Štefica Gucek, Tošo Railić, Vesna Beuš, Vinka Mitrović, Zdenka Radanov, Zvonimir Mozel / Photography: Konrad Mulvaj / Graphic design: Konrad Mulvaj / Executive producer: Borut Šeparović / Production and promotion assistant: Martina Domladovac / Social networks: MONTAЖ$TROJ / Project financed by: Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia, City Office for Culture, Kultura Nova Foundation / Production: MONTAЖ$TROJ