In 1993 MONTAЖ$TROJ is starting its multiyear work-in-progress project EVERYBODY GOES TO DISCO FROM MOSCOW TO SAN FRANCISCO. The basic premises of the whole project are high risk dancing, performing without distance, playing with the radical in theater and dance to the extremes.

ENJOY MONTAЖ$TROJ! is a short work-in-progress version of the play EVERYBODY GOES TO DISCO FROM MOSCOW TO SAN FRANCISCO produced for the Croatian selection of the 4th festival Rencontres Internationales Chorégraphiques de Bagnolet held in Zagreb. ENJOY MONTAЖ$TROJ! is a hybrid of dance, theater, sports, brutal violence and sex. The mental, emotional and physical limits of the performers are tested to the extremes. The project was realized with the performers chosen at the audition named "Take your chance on high risk dance" with extraordinary response: 250 young people willing to become athletes of the heart applied to the audition.


Directing and choreography: Borut Šeparović / Performers: Srećko Borse, Damir Klemenić, Siniša Pahić, Bernarda Peša, Petra Senjanović  / Music: Hrvoje Crnić Boxer / Stage design: Slaven Dellale / Executive producer: Maja Jurić / Financed by: City of Zagreb / Production: MONTAЖ$TROJ