Self-reflexive and self-referential 1-to-8-minute videos on the position of an independent artist on the independent scene in the pandemic period.

The project EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE by Ana Prolić consists of 48 short, poetically intoned videos about the long, discontinuous, and demanding one-year process of working on the project RADNIČKA CESTA (WORKERS ROAD) during 2020 and 2021. The videos can be seen as an extension of the author’s journal entries written in the first person and published under the title WORK DIARY.

Self-reflexive and self-referential 1-to-8-minute videos expand and further develop the author’s written records. In addition to constituting theatrological material about the process itself, the records present the specifics of working on the independent scene in pandemic times, further aggravated by the earthquakes. In a video blog of sorts, the author details all this both from her position as the text’s co-author and co-dramaturge, as well as from the position of an independent artist directly endangered by the consequences of the corona crisis – thereby mediating and familiarizing the audience with the “other side” of the creative process, the role of the dramaturge, the position of an independent artist on an independent scene in the pandemic period, and the attitude of society and institutions towards artists and art as such (especially theater).

Most of the video material was shot on Radnička cesta in Zagreb, a street that shows visible traces of deindustrialization. However, it includes other locations that hold an intimate meaning for the author, and which, in addition to the process itself, were impacted by the pandemic, covid restrictions, the prolongation of the process, self-isolation, the earthquake, numerous existential questions, personal frustrations, and reflections on the motives opened up by the project itself, such as universal basic income, laziness, the position of workers in the age of automation and industrialization, the concept of “bullshit and shit” jobs, etc.

EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE was the first note produced at the beginning of the process for the project RADNIČKA CESTA (WORKERS ROAD), in a moment when the realization of every idea, concept, and artistic expression seemed possible. In the course of the process, this initial assumption turned into its very opposite, ultimately leading to many frustrations, disappointments, doubts, but also to finding new motivations, models, and forms to finally actualize the initial postulate that everything is possible, only different. 


Author, director and performer: Ana Prolić / Image and sound recording: Borut Šeparović / Editing, color correction and intro: Konrad Mulvaj / Made possible byMinistry of Culture and Media of the Republic of CroatiaCity Office for Culture – City of ZagrebKultura Nova Foundation Foundation / ProductionMONTAЖ$TROJ