Good day and welcome to the action FIRESTARTER by MONTAЖ$TROJ. Dear visitors, right before you, on the slopes of Zagreb's hill Sljeme, you can observe the place that this country, its economy and business, its present and future. We repeat: the place that this country, its economy and business, its present and future.

FIRESTARTER is the second in the line of activities that announced FIRE-TECHNICS 2.0, a reconstruction of the first full-time play by MONTAЖ$TROJA. The action consisted of a bus ride from Zagreb’s city center over the slopes of Sljeme to Medvedgrad, and a pilgrimage of the audience and the performers to the Homeland Altar.

The audience secured its entry into the bus by presenting their certificates of nationality, i.e. by proving they are Croatian citizens. On the way to Medvedgrad, the "tourist guide" – a member of MONTAЖ$TROJ, diverted the audience’s attention to modern Croatian counterparts to Mt. Olympus – such as the Presidential residence and the Kulmer estate – the home of Croatia’s biggest tycoon, Ivica Todorić. The trip to Medvedgrad proceeded with the reading of the names of politicians and Croatian officials who failed to respond to an invitation to this artistic action. Once at Medvedgrad, MONTAЖ$TROJ’s members laid down a wreath with MONTAЖ$TROJ’s logotype – a "Ž" written in Cyrillic lettering, next to the eternal fire, the very heart of the Homeland Alter monument, and then proceeded to perform fragments from the play FIRE-TECHNICS based on Aeschylus’ "Prometheus Bound".


Concept and direction: Borut Šeparović / Dramaturgy: Goran Ferčec / Text: Aeschylus, Franz Kafka, Goran Ferčec, Borut Šeparović / Trainer and stage movement advisor: Nataša Mihoci / Performers: Matija Čigir, Filip Jurković, Svebor Kamenski Baćun, Aldin Kasumović, Andrej Kopčok, Nikola Nedić / Photography: Damir Žižić / Social network management: Anda Bukvić / Public relations: Dinka Bujas and Lana Klingor / Coordination and production leadership: Iva Milley / Project financed by: City Office for Culture, Education and Sports, Zagreb / Media coverage: Radio 101 / Production: MONTAЖ$TROJ, Zagreb Youth Theater, Performance Arts Week Perforacije, Operacija: Grad