Everything points to a need for the introduction of a basic income. Everyone needs economic security, especially today.

HE WHO DOES NOT WORK SHALL NOT EAT is an interdisciplinary project thematically based on a sequence of 15 remarks from the 13th fragment of the online mini-series RADNIČKA CESTA (WORKERS ROAD) on the possibility of introducing a universal basic income (UBI), i.e., regular transfer payments that all citizens would unconditionally receive without a means test or an employment status check.

This digital piece is comprised of 15 edited video interviews recorded on Radnička cesta, a street in Zagreb that shows visible traces of deindustrialization. The peripatetic conversation happened between Borut Šeparović, author and videographer, and local entrepreneurs and scientists from the fields of economics, sociology, political science, and philosophy.

Are there conditions for a universal basic income in Croatia today? Where does the money for such a measure come from? Could a basic income replace social welfare programs or should it only supplement them? Could a basic income reduce the burden of economic and social insecurity, perhaps even solve the issue of poverty? Are the long-term effects of introducing a universal basic income even known? How large a sum or income should every individual get? How would people spend their guaranteed money? Can money be “given” to citizens without preconditions and controls?

The crisis caused by the pandemic and the war, the growing inflation and recession pose a key question — How can we use technological progress and the potential of sustainable resources to overcome material limitations to building a fairer society?

The participants have different opinions and stances on these matters.

The project has an educational character, connecting art and science with a wide audience.


Author, director: Borut Šeparović / Image and sound recording: Borut Šeparović / Co-author, dramaturge and moderator: Ana Prolić / Editing, color correction: Konrad Mulvaj / Intro: Konrad Mulvaj / Performers: Bernard Tomić, Domagoj Janković, Matej Đurđević, Goran Grgić / Expert associates: prof. dr. sc Zvonimir Šikić (retired university professor of mathematics); dr. sc. Danijel Nestić (economist, scientific advisor - Institute of Economics, Zagreb); dr. sc. Paul Stubbs (sociologist - Institute of Economics, Zagreb); dr. sc. Vuk Vuković (economist & entrepreneur / Oraclum Intelligence Systems Ltd); dr. sc. Željko Ivanković (philosopher, journalist - editor at Ideje.hr); Sunčica Brnardić (labor law and social policy consultant - Union of Autonomous Trade Unions of Croatia); Robert Komazec (entrepreneur - SOHO d.o.o); Dražen Oreščanin (entrepreneur / Poslovna inteligencija d.o.o.); Hana Samaržija (philosopher); Filip Drača (philosopher) / Made possible byMinistry of Culture and Media of the Republic of CroatiaCity Office for Culture – City of ZagrebKultura Nova FoundationProductionMONTAЖ$TROJ