In an abandoned and claustrophobic war shelter, two men and a woman desperately attempt to relate intimately. The yearning for love interchanges and is replaced by anger and violence.

A 30-minute dance video made in collaboration with Dalibor Martinis transfers onto video the fragments of the EVERYBODY GOES TO DISCO FROM MOSCOW TO SAN FRANCISCO project and the performance aesthetic it established. The black-and-white JA TE VOLIM! MONTAЖ$TROJ unifies the visual beauty of the human body in motion and its relationship with another body with the dark context of a war shelter and the sociopolitical situation.

It was presented at festivals in Croatia (Zagreb, Rijeka), Germany (Osnabruck, Dessau, Berlin), Columbia (Bogota), Canada (Montreal), Sweden (Stockholm), the Netherlands (Den Haag), Poland (Warsaw) and Italy (Trieste) where it was awarded the New European Cinema award at the Alpe/Adria festival.


Direction: Dalibor Martinis / Adaptation: Borut Šeparović and Dalibor Martinis / Performers: Srećko Borse, Damir Klemenić, Petra Senjanović / Music: Hrvoje Crnić Boxer / Costume design: Borut Šeparović i Dalibor Martinis / Lighting: Goran Trbuljak / Cameraman: Goran Trbuljak i Davor Tunuković / Sound master: Stjepan Kuna / Editing: Robert Petrinec / Photography: Karim Kurtović / Executive producers: Nevenka Topić, Dalibor Martinis, Boris T. Matić / Production: Multimedia Lab, Radio 101, MSU – Museum for Modern Art