Two kissing. A third, a man, constantly interrupts. Hits. Pulls apart. Jumps on. Tries to plant one on the woman. They are inseparable. As if he wasn't even there.

MONTAЖ$TROJ went out into the streets again at the Tanec Praha Festival with its performance NO DISTANCE. The old town square in Prague was the location for a performance inspired by Andy Warhol’s film "The Kiss". Using the elements of high-risk dance developed in the project EVERYBODY GOES TO DISCO FROM MOSCOW TO SAN FRANCISCO, two male and one female performer blurred the border between what is real and what is fictional among passers-by. Hits and falling to the ground were interchanged with kisses and hugs. The performance was repeated in 1996 in Atlanta at the Youth Ensemble of Atlanta.


Concept: Borut Šeparović and Goran Sergej Pristaš / Performers: Srećko Borse, Damir Klemenić, Petra Senjanović, Bernarda Peša / Production: MONTAЖ$TROJ