And when dogs get rabies, be human, love dogs.

Music video RABIES is a fragment of MONTAЖ$TROJ’s new project WHERE’S THE REVOLUTION, SCUM?

RABIES is based on quotations of an educative and documentary film about rabies produced in 1978, and the song “Dogs” recorded in 1982 by rock’n’roll band “U škripcu” from Belgrade.

The documentary describes rabies as an incurable illness which knows nothing about state boundaries. This illness is a constant threat to humans and animals and it cannot be cured with any treatment known to human kind. MONTAЖ$TROJ is pointing to what seems to be eradicated danger but also to the fear of an epidemiological catastrophe and the video RABIES is opening a new area for rethinking different forms of rabies in contemporary world.


Direction and art direction: Borut Šeparović / Music: Borut Šeparović i Konrad Mulvaj / Performance: Buga Klara Blanuša, Andreja Dodig, Nataša Mihoci, Konrad Mulvaj, Ante Perković / Camera and editing: Dejan Oblak / Graphic design: Konrad Mulvaj / Thanks: Andras Urban / Sources: Aleksandar Vasiljević: PSI (U Škripcu - Godine Ljubavi, PGP RTB, ‎1982.); Dr Radovan L. Pavlović: BESNILO - Stalna opasnost za ljude, domaće i divlje životinje (Veterinarski institut Novi Sad 1978.)