A bullet to the forehead or a bullet to the back of the head. Individual as well as automatic shots: AK-47, cal. 7,62mm. MONTAЖ$TROJ reports: Mihail Timofejevich Kalashnikov Mihtim was savagely murdered.

Named after the main sponsor Radio 101, RAP OPERA 101 was the first rap opera in the world, uniting the Kalashnikov machine-gun with the music video aesthetic. The basic motivation is mythical and derives from Sophocles’ drama, but in place of the humiliated, offended and finally deceived Greek warrior Philoctetes, there is the creator of the first Slavic machine-gun, which carries his name, Mihail Timofejevich Kalashnikov. Long ago, during the War of Troy, there was the miraculous Bow of Heracles, and in 1991, in the war in Croatia, there was the salutary Kalashnikov or AK-47, which achieved the status of a national myth. RAP OPERA 101 was an attempt in neo-gesamtkunstwerk; unifying dance, music and the said word in an encompassing theatrical work in the mechanism of "attraction editing". The inspiration taken from the Russian art avant-garde was visible in the unity of scenography and costumes designed in likeness to the poster by El Lissitzky named "Beat the White Circle with the Red Wedge". Choreographed in the style of globally disseminated music videos, RAP OPERA 101 announced the upcoming aesthetic orientation of MONTAЖ$TROJA and its narrow connection to popular culture. By kicking the football into the audience, the armed theater MONTAЖ$TROJ continued with its five year plan to "Theatricize the Football Culture".


Direction and choreography: Borut Šeparović / Libretto and dramaturgy: Oleg Mađor / Text: Sophocles, Richard Wagner, Heiner Müller, Stanley Kubrick, Michal Herr, Gustav Hasford, Oleg Mađor / Performers: Gordan Bosanac, Srećko Borse, Damir Klemenić, Siniša Pahić / Music: Hrvoje Crnić Boxer / Scenography: Tihomir Milovac / Costume design: Marina Štembergar / Graphic design: Tihomir Milovac / Photography: Karim Kurtović, Walter Sirotić / Public relations: Kornelija Čović / Executive producer: Angelus Novus / Sponsor: Radio 101 / Production: MONTAЖ$TROJ, Zagreb Youth Theater, Eurokaz Festival