A 45-minute dance video made in cooperation by MONTAЖ$TROJA and director Andreas Skipis in the production of the German TV house Hessischer Rundfunk.

The aesthetic and performance elements stemming from the project EVERYBODY GOES TO DISCO FROM MOSCOW TO SAN FRANCISCO inspired, for the second time, a transferal onto an audiovisual medium, but this artistic video documented the exploration of physical limits through specially created sequences performed in the empty spaces of the Frankfurt Fair.


Direction: Andreas Skipis / Adaptation: Borut Šeparović and Andreas Skipis / Performers: Srećko Borse, Damir Klemenić, Bernarda Peša, Borut Šeparović / Cameramen: Ulrich Leufen, Daniel Theobald, Christian Wiege / Sound masters: Albrecht Bielfeld, Thomas Munzer / Editing: Sigrid Troppner / Executive producer: Doris Gotzl / Production: Hessischer Rundfunk