An out of control train quickly approaches. Five people will be crushed to death unless you find a way to change the train's trajectory. You have a possibility to pull a handle which will reroute the train onto another track. But, on the other track there is a worker, working on maintaining the track. If you pull the lever, the worker will get hurt, but five lives will be saved. What will you do


T-FORMANCE is the first part of the T-trilogy that as its central interest, held the participative questioning of the relationship between democracy and terrorism.

T-FORMANCE is a theater that robs the audience of its right to sit. T-FORMANCE, where the T signifies terrorism, is a gradual interactive anti-spectacle in which the audience actively tests its own T-factor: by focusing on terrorism, T-FORMANCE actually discusses democracy, as well as the functioning of the theater as a system of representation in a neoliberal order. Situations in which the audience makes actual decisions were interwoven with situations that were fictional, and which pointed to the similarity of mechanisms in the play itself with the fundamental mechanisms of democracy (the right to one’s own choice and a representative system that presents this choice for a duration of time). Members of the audience represented themselves, and questioned their political and ethical principles through physical engagement. The project was all at once an investigative and scientific work, an artistic creation and an educational process, which enabled each individual audience member the unique experience of creating a work of art. T-FORMANCE began within scientific-research work on the Das Arts – advanced research in theatre and dance studies in Amsterdam, and it was realized in cooperation with the Culture of Change of the Student Center in Zagreb.


Direction: Oliver Frljić and Borut Šeparović / Moderators: Ana Stunić, Maja Sviben, Oliver Frljić, Borut Šeparović / Space design: Arhanarh (Luka Kincl and Nikša Ninić) / Photography: Damir Žižić / Project financed by: City Office for Culture in Zagreb / Production: MONTAЖ$TROJ, Culture of Change of the Student Center