The future is closer than you may think. Today, the young and resourceful of Croatia are responding to the challenges which are inevitably ahead of us tomorrow.

History textbooks are countless, and MONTAЖ$TROJ has therefore launched a project which aims at creating textbook for future. At times when Croatia is facing economic crisis and dull cultural climate, MONTAЖ$TROJ is trying to find answers to economic, social and cultural challenges on the threshold of Croatian accession to the European Union. We are looking for solutions together with those who hold the key to that future. After working with disempowered and deprived groups of society, the unique Croatian cultural brand MONTAЖ$TROJ is to initiate a search for the vision of Croatia’s future.

The project THE FUTURE IS NOW began with public call directed at resourceful, young, ambitious, talented start-up enthusiasts who have a vision and want to show all the potential and strength of young Croatian population. In times of depression, MONTAЖ$TROJ wants to examine if there is room for optimism. In the course of workshops and team buildings, young professionals, a think tank for the future of Croatia, approach a serious task of chronological analysis of events in near future in order to show to Croatian public what is to come. The project FUTURE IS NOW will prove that the time to respond to tomorrow’s challenges is – today.


Concept: Borut Šeparović / Project financed by: City office for education, culture and sport, Ministry of culture of the Republic of Croatia / Support: Croatian Commerce Chamber / Media coverage: Večernji list,, Privredni vjesnik / Production: MONTAЖ$TROJ