Collect your tears. Become too good to be true. Reveal your secrets. Scream your survival motto. Communicate more directly.

TRUTH OR DARE? is the name of a children’s game. If this game is played by adults – it becomes a social ritual to try and lure a confession or admission from the participants of the game. TRUTH OR DARE? is a game about exposing secrets, a cultural ritual linked to the desire for a more intimate mutual knowledge about the players. Performed and created by international artists the play TRUTH OR DARE? melted away cultural and language barriers. This game supersedes the established norms of everyday behavior, its possibilities in creating different verbal and physical stage situations are almost endless.

The play TRUTH OR DARE? consolidated confessional elements with physical performance. In fulfilling the tasks imposed by the rules of the game, the game itself becomes inconsequential: rules exist in order to be broken. Four women – the performers, focused on their own desires, hopes, cares, personal truths and visions, and primarily on the poetic beauty of small, seemingly unimportant stories, through this game. The audience members had the opportunity to position themselves anywhere in the performance space, even between the performers who impeded the establishment of a firm spatial configuration with the constant moving of the source of light. TRUTH OR DARE? was a play about the power of imagination, and about the desire for fantasy, which in each performance broke the framework of the theater box as much as the framework of personal secrets uncovered by the game itself.


Direction: Borut Šeparović / Text: Marieke ter Doest, Heleen Volman, Borut Šeparović / Assistant: Damir Klemenić / Advice: Tamara Huilmand, Eelco Roovers, Sjoerd Wagenaar / Performers: Irma Baatje, Susanne Hameleers, Sanja Mitrović, Guusje Staring / Music: Nico Jongenelen, Borut Šeparović, Damir Klemenić / Lighting design: Joost Borsten / Stage design: Machin_a, Borut Šeparović / Costume design: Machin_a, Borut Šeparović / Graphic design: Machin_a / Photography: Emile Waagenaar / Executive producer: Ben de Vugt / Project supported by: Fonds voor podium kunsten Den Haag (NL), City of Breda (NL), Open Society Institute (HR), City of Zagreb (HR), Ministy of Culture of the Republic of Croatia (HR), Open Society Fund (YU) / Sponsors: Lucassen assurantien Breda (NL), Francy pruikenbutiek Breda (NL), Naron bodyfoundation in grote maten Breda (NL), Dijkmans muziek Breda (NL), Maba drukkerij Breda (NL) / Production: MONTAЖ$TROJ, St. Performingunit (NL), Chassé theater (Breda, NL), Productiehuis Brabant (Den Bosch, NL), NES theaters (Amsterdam, NL), Cenpi (Beograd, YU)