Good murder, real murder, nice murder, such one can only wish for, it has been awhile since we had such a murder.

WHO IS? WOYZECK is a story about open wounds that do not heal. Woyzeck is a hero whose voice the society does not wish to hear, his behavior is unacceptable. Woyzeck is devoid of humanity, turned into an animal and treated like one. Project WHO IS? WOYZECK explored the politics of power in which human dignity fights numerous forms of violence, and the way it resonates in the human intimacy. The rhythmic changing of scenes depicting social coercion and private agony, the play questioned the world of isolated and lonely individuals. Woyzeck was presented as a phenomenon: a person that found himself in a specific situation of violence, love, betrayal, jealousy and murder with no way out.

WHO IS? WOYZECK was performed by two men and a woman who presented on stage a number of associations derived from various sources, primarily from Büchner’s text in 1836. The play did not follow a given narrative; instead, it deconstructed and layered Büchner’s text into replies used as music samples. The physical and textual samples were free from a character’s connection to a specific performer. In this form of concert performance, all actions became a part of the musical composition emphasized by the frenetic use of a trance and techno music background.


Direction: Borut Šeparović / Text: Georg Büchner / Hipertext: Borut Šeparović / Choreography: Damir Klemenić / Dramaturgical support: Andrea Paciotto / Performers: Jochen Stechmann, Sanja Mitrović, Damir Klemenić / Music: DJ Drillcock + DJ Coffinnail / Music arrangement: Nico Jongenelen / Costume design: Ivana Popović / Lighting design: Maarten van der Drift / Graphic design: Opera Ontwerpers / Project financed by: Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia HR (HR), City of Zagreb (HR), City of Breda (NL), Province of Brabant (NL)  / Sponsors: Maba drukkerij Breda (NL), Lucassen ssurantien Breda (NL), Memo systems Breda (NL) / Aknowledgments: Guttorm Andersen, Irma Baatje, Dineke Faas, Tamara Huilmand, Inge Perko, Chasse theater Breda, St. Nieuwe huizen, St. Zuil van Volta / Production: MONTAЖ$TROJ, St. Performingunit (Berda, NL), Ex ponto Festival (Ljubljana, SLO)