Here are my hands; empty, no prints. Here the breast hollow, no prints. The belly the neck, the spine, the feet, no prints.

WILD WITH LOVE is a solo performance by Tamara Huilmand based on the myth of Medea, a mother who murders her own children. WILD WITH LOVE started where Euripides’ tragedy ends: after Medea killed her children. Medea is an archetype characterized by an inner condition filled with loneliness, rage, sadness, and helplessness. The Medea portrayed by this play is crazy from love, filled with hatred, yearning for death. In the play WILD WITH LOVE all the stage elements are treated equally. Tamara Huilmand portrayed Medea with her projected drawings, her body in physical action, and the spoken word. WILD WITH LOVE was an intense, energetic and extremely intimate performance, situated on no man’s land – the empty stage relinquished to a single performer and her drawings.


Concept and performance: Tamara Huilmand / Text: Ivana Sajko, Euripides, Heiner Muller / Translation: Tomislav Brlek, Ireen van Bel / Movement assistant: Damir Klemenić / Music: Petra van der Schoot, Nico Jongenelen / Lighting design: Gert Bakker / Costume design: Ivana Popović / Stage technology: Michel Berkelmans / Photography: Emile Wagenaar / Artistic leadership and coordination: Borut Šeparović / Project supported by: Ministy of Culture of the Republic of Croatia, City of Zagreb, City of Breda, Festival of Dance and Non-verbal Theatre Svetvinčenat / Sponsors: Maba drukkerij Breda (NL), Lucassen assurantien Breda (NL), Memo systems Breda (NL) / Aknowledgments: Snježana Abramović, Goran Sergej Pristaš, Lillian Joosen, Laurien van der Heyden / Production: MONTAЖ$TROJ and St. Performingunit