Bahluli, Bilen, Budimir, Burić, Ćuk, Dedić, Džeba, Kovačić, Krasniqi, Mioč, Muzler, Penović, Pokrovac, Prša, Rodić, Sliško, Šakota, Šobot, Šiškić, Tači, Vrdoljak, Zahirović, Zečević. This list of names verifies that Zagreb has significantly more people linked with crime ending up in the crime coverage news than in prison. The out-of-theater adventure ZAGREB BY NIHGT begins exactly one minute before midnight and does not guarantee the viewers' safety.

The safety situation in a city is never exclusively the issue of police statistics, but also the citizens’ perception. And, moving every day through its streets and squares, an average citizen of Zagreb is probably not aware of the fact that his motion often creates a virtual map of unsolved murders. Banana Guerilla and MONTAЖ$TROJ, directed by Oliver Frljić, tour the paths of execution in two exclusive late-night city rounds in ZET’s tourist train. Acting as tourist guides, an activist Teodor Celakoski, the head of the city’s office for safety Pavle Kalinić, and artists Oliver Frljić and Borut Šeparović, took 36 viewers to the darkest places in the city each night. Various performers were included at certain locations: a pimp and denuded girls in a BMW with blaring turbo-folk music, a tamboura ensemble playing and singing in allegro "Just one day of life" and bikers – actors Jadranka Đokić and Krešimir Mikić who cursed, threatened and even shot theater bullets at Teodor Celakoski and Pavle Kalinić. In spite of the gunshots, there were no new bodies. ZAGREB BY NIHGT wasn’t just a story about street crime, but also about crime in the authorities, the devastation of public space and mafia-like relationship towards city grounds, all of which turns this late-night ride into a gateway for discussing a number of important issues significant to each inhabitant of the Croatian capital.


Concept and direction: Oliver Frljić / Dramaturgy: Borut Šeparović / Moderators: Borut Šeparović, Oliver Frljić, Teodor Celakoski, Pavle Kalinić  / Performers: Krešimir Mikić, Jadranka Đokić, Slaven Delalle, Jasna Žmak, with the participation of the Trešnjevka Music Ensemble / Graphic design: Damir Gamulin / Internet support: Vedran Gulin / Photography: Damir Žižić / Public relations and executive production: Dinka Bujas / Project financed by: City Office for Culture, Education and Sports Zagreb / Project supported by: Ministry of Internal Affairs, Zagreb Police Department and Zagreb Holding - branch ZET (Zagreb Electrical Tram) / Production: Banana Guerilla, MONTAЖ$TROJ