For the last time this season the theatre audience in Zagreb has a chance to see WHERE’S THE REVOLUTION, SCUM?. With this performance Montažstroj celebrates 25th anniversary of work. They will perform on May 25 at Zagreb Youth Theatre and what will follow after this last performance is an international tour.

WHERE IS THE REVOLUTION, SCUM? is questioning contemporary commodification of  the social rebellion presented by the music album “Paket aranžman” and the Yugoslav new wave. It is a performance about the legal consequences of thinking that music can be shared without anything being lost. It speaks about a society in which money has the biggest value. It speaks about vanity, hypocrisy, inconsistency and conformism.

After this last performance in Zagreb Montažstroj will perform in Ljubljana at Prelet Festival on May 27. The ninth edition of Prelet festival will be held at Slovenian Youth Theatre. The festival offers a selection of theatrical performances which obstruct conventional practices.

Use this unique opportunity to see a performance that combines electronic music, frenetic dance, documentary theater and social engagement! Visit the official web page of Zagreb Youth Theatre and find out more about ticket prices.