After a substantial number of postponements and delays caused by the consequences of the earthquake and the epidemiological situation, as well as changes in the original concept and finally the format of the performance, the project “RADNIČKA CESTA” is nearing completion.

The project “RADNIČKA CESTA” had initially been envisioned as a stage piece, but due to difficult and uncertain working conditions and the inability to perform in front of an audience, we decided to film it as an online mini-series. Despite our efforts to finish filming the mini-series in the fall of 2020, the complexity of the epidemiological situation in the winter of 2020/2021 made working on the project difficult and slow. Following the normalization of the epidemiological situation in the spring of 2021, our experiments continued throughout March and April 2021, while the filming finally began – and finished – in May.

After intensive filming, the recorded material is to be edited. The mini-series is scheduled to be released by the end of June 2021.