MONTAЖ$TROJ will be hosted in Rijeka after performing in front of their audience twice before, in 2010 with MY HEART BEATS FOR HER and in 2012 with 55+.

With WHERE’S THE REVOLUTION, SCUM?  performance we celebrated our 25th anniversary and after it was sold out in Zagreb it will be performed in Rijeka, in The Croatian National Theatre Ivan Zajc.

While waiting for the performance in Rijeka, we invite you to check out our latest video. The RABIES is a fragment from the WHERE’S THE REVOLUTION, SCUM? performance and it is based on quotations of an educational video about rabies and the song “Dogs” recorded in 1982  by a rock’n’roll band “U škripcu” from Belgrade. Speaking about what seems to be an eradicated danger and the fear of an epidemiologic catastrophe, this music video calls for rethinking different forms of rabies in the world.


The performance will be followed by a tribune “From worldview conflict to class struggle” which will deal with the influence of public institutions on the consciousness of class struggle and the economic inequalities of the world we live in.