Due to a substantial number of postponements and delays caused by the consequences of the earthquake and the epidemiological situation, as well as changes in the original concept and finally the format of the performance, work on the project is expected to be completed by spring 2021.

MONTAЖ$TROJ began working on a new theatrical project “RADNIČKA CESTA,” based on motifs from the dark humor play “Gagarin Way” by Scottish author Gregory Burke. The plot of “RADNIČKA CESTA” takes place in Croatia, today, during the corona crisis, in the storage facility of a factory located on Radnička cesta in Zagreb (a street that was once a symbol of the industrial periphery and is now Zagreb’s business and financial center) and establishes a somber, post-ideological view of the contemporary world, the nihilistic belief that, today, political change is not possible even in the times of crisis.

“RADNIČKA CESTA” explores precarious work, uncertainty, alienation, and the inevitable cycles of crises that post-capitalism and especially the coronavirus pandemic bring into the lives of workers. It also problematizes resistance and violence from the left in a world in which the left is preoccupied with identity issues and values (topics that the workers think of as elitist and foreign), and explores difficulties in the communication between classes and in clearly defining the areas of struggle.

The project was initially envisioned as a stage piece, but due to difficult and uncertain working conditions and the inability to perform it in front of an audience, we decided to film it as a four-part online mini-series. Despite our efforts to finalize the shooting of the mini-series in the fall of 2020, the complexity of the current epidemiological situation is making the work on the project difficult and slow. We expect to finish the project until spring 2021.