In 2012 – the European year of active ageing and solidarity between generations – MONTAЖ$TROJ starts a unique community art project „55+“. In this complex educational and artistic project, we plan to mobilize 55 persons over the age of 55, organize useful workshops for them and give them the opportunity to create a theatre performance and a documentary film with us.

With this project MONTAЖ$TROJ again becomes the theatre of the disempowered, defending one social group that has been pushed to the margin of society because of the logic of profit-centered capitalism. We plan to start this project in April, 2012, and at this moment we are requesting financial support. The project has so far only been supported by the Open Society Fund, but we sincerely hope for support from the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia, the City Office for Education, Culture and Sport in Zagreb and the Croatian Audiovisual Centre.